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JIRA Workflow Toolbox provides a rich set of conditions, validators and post-functions for designing complex workflows on JIRA. It also supplies an easy and powerful mechanism to implement metadata in JIRA projects: Project Properties, making it possible to customize workflows behavior as a function of the value these properties in each project. It improves dramatically the flexibility and reusability of your workflows. A set of JQL functions is also available for making queries on project properties.

  • News - [20th March 2018] - Released JIRA Workflow Toolbox 2.3.3

  • Full List of Features and Usage Examples

    JIRA Workflow Toolbox is composed by a rich set of conditions, validators, post-functions and jql functions to allow you implementing amazing features in your workflows.

  • Amazing Things You Can Do using JIRA Workflow Toolbox

    JIRA Workflow Toolbox allows to do things you wouldn't believe possible that easily before.

  • Project Properties

    Project Properties is a simple mechanism implemented by JIRA Workflow Toolbox, to include machine readable key-value pairs into projects description, thereby operating as an effective way for adding metadata to your JIRA projects.

  • Virtual Fields

    JIRA Workflow Toolbox provides a set of special fields, called Virtual Fields, making accessible the most interesting properties of issues, projects and users, the same way as ordinary custom fields. Virtual fields may be read and written by all the plugin's modules the same way ordinary custom fields are.

  • Trying and Purchasing the Plugin

    You can ask for a 1 month long trial license for the plugin at Atlassian Marketplace. Trial licenses can be renewed in case your evaluation process requires longer than trial license duration. JIRA Workflow Toolbox can be purchased at Atlassian Marketplace. Unfortunately not all countries are supported by Atlassian Marketplace. In case you are in one of the non-supported countries, you can purchase the plugin contacting directly an Atlassian Expert in your region.

  • Support SLA

    Support to legitimate users of JIRA Workflow Toolbox will be provided in accordance with the following Service Level Agreement. Non-public questions or support requests may be made at: Please, don't hesitate to ask for support if you are evaluating the plugin.

  • Contact

    I'm Fidel Castro Armario, the developer of JIRA Workflow Toolbox. Please, feel free to contact me at any time if you have any question, need support, or want to do any suggestion about the plugin. Nevertheless, I will thank you for using JIRA Workflow Toolbox Help Forum, if you feel your question and my answer may be useful to other users of the plugin.