version 3.2.1 is missing VERSION file when installed with easy_install

Issue #10 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

After installation as dependency with easy_install, importing anything from savReaderWriter raises an exception, when trying to read the file VERSION. The file isn't there.

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  1. Albert-Jan Roskam repo owner

    thanks. currently contains an ugly way of copying VERSION. I should change that by changing May I ask why you use easy_install and not pip?

    Regards, Albert-Jan

  2. Duco Dokter

    We (our company) mainly uses buildout for configuring projects, so easy_install kinda comes with the deal. Nowadays also pip is possible, but I've never had a good reason to switch...

  3. th3l0nius

    "After installation as dependency with easy_install" seems the point. I had the same issue with pip when I installed with pip install -r requirements.txt when savReaderWriter was listed in that text-file.

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