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oakfoam / Install


These are the instructions for installation of Oakfoam.

For pre-built Linux and Windows builds, please refer to the main website at


You will need the following minimum requirements to build Oakfoam:

On Ubuntu, you can get the above requirements by typing: $ sudo apt-get install g++ libboost-all-dev.

In order to use the code repository, you will also need:

Create a Local Repo

This is only required if you want to work with the newest code version.

$ hg clone
$ cd oakfoam

Get a Current Dump

This is useful if you just want to quickly try out Oakfoam.

$ wget
$ tar -xzf tip.tar.gz
$ cd francoisvn-oakfoam-tip


$ ./configure
$ make

Build Options

When running configure, a number of options can alter the build process. In order to enable the web interface, include --with-web. In order to use the Hoard memory allocator, include --with-hoard=<libdir>. For example: ./configure --with-web --with-hoard=/opt/hoard/src will setup a build process to build Oakfoam with the web interface and using Hoard (pre-built) in the /opt/hoard directory.

Hoard is an open-source memory allocator. To download it, go to


$ ./oakfoam

Change to a Specific Version

$ hg up v0.0.x

Note: use $ hg tags to see available versions

Get the Latest Changes from the Main Repo

$ hg pull
$ hg up tip