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oakfoam / Parameters


Most aspects of Oakfoam can be set at runtime using the parameters interface. To get a list of all the parameters and their current values, send the param command without any arguments. To set a parameter, send the command param <name> <value>. Parameters can easily be set using the GoGui Analyze Command interface. Refer to the documentation in "Parameters.h" for the most up-to-date documentation on all the parameters.

Here follows a list of some parameters:

move_policystringPolicy used to choose the next move, can be either "playout", "1-ply" or "uct".
book_useboolWhether to use the loaded opening book. Load a book with the command bookload <file>.
thread_countintNumber of threads to use.
memory_usage_maxintMaximum amount of memory to use for the tree (in MB).
playouts_per_moveintNumber of playouts to do for the next move.
playouts_per_move_maxintMaximum playouts per move if game is timed.
playouts_per_move_minintMinimum playouts per move if game is timed.
uct_keep_subtreeboolWhether to keep the relevant part of the tree when a move is made.
pondering_enabledboolWhether to ponder (think during the opponent's turn.
pondering_playouts_maxintMaximum number of playouts to do when pondering.
resign_ratio_thresholdfloatResign only when the winning ratio is below this.
resign_move_factor_thresholdfloatResign only when this percentage of the board is full.
time_ignoreboolWhether to ignore any time settings provided.
time_kfloatTime allowed per move is remaining time divide by this factor. For 9x9, try 7; for 19x19, try 60.
time_bufferfloatAmount of time (in seconds) to not use, in case of network lag.
time_move_minimumfloatMinimum time used per move (in seconds).
time_move_maxfloatMaximum time used per move (in seconds).
rules_positional_superko_enabledboolWhether to take positional superko into account.
rules_all_stones_aliveboolWhether to treat all stones after two passes as alive or not.
live_gfxboolWhether to display GoGui Live Graphics.
debugboolWhether to output debug information. Warning: very verbose, degrades performance.

Example: param live_gfx 1 will turn on Live Graphics.