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This project originated as CamelForth for the Zilog Z80 (c) 1994 Bradford J. Rodriguez, which was later converted to the Zilog Macro Assembler (ZMA) by Douglas Beattie Jr. (1998). From 1999-2001 this was widely extended and reorganised by Garry Lancaster, specifically for the Cambridge Z88. Many ANS Forth wordsets were added, as well as specific facilities for the Z88.

In 2001-2002, the sources were completely re-organised for compilation using the Interlogic z80asm assembler (now part of z88dk) together with an ANS Forth for pre-processing (gForth was chosen as the default). At this time, ports for the PetersPlus Sprinter and Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3/+3e were added, although the latter was not publicly released.

The project then entered a period of hibernation, until November 2011 when it was resurrected and placed here on bitbucket.

The original CamelForth project targets many other processors as well as the Z80, and can be found at Douglas Beattie Jr.'s Z80-based versions (including variants such as the eZ80) may be found at