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This repository contains a series of utilities to assist the transcoding of FLAC based music collections into lossy formats.

The utilties require the following software packages (which are readily available on all the common Linux Distributions) at the minimal level stated or greater:

GNU Bash v5.0
procps-ng v3.3
figlet v2.2
flac v1.3
vorbis-tools v1.4
opus-tools v0.2
rsync v3.1
ffmpeg v4.2

Script Name Description
transflac Transcode FLAC audio files to lossy formats Assign ASCII color codes to variables to facilitate color output to screen Validate input directory that contains FLAC files for processing Validate output directory target for lossy files Validate target lossy codec Validate target quality preset
src-tf-codec Walk input directory and trancode FLAC files to output directory Define quality presets for lossy codecs Format application name for terminal display Display terminal header as needed Set default variables Apply configuration overrides, if applicable