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Jaka Kranjc created an issue

As you may know, Coverity provides a static code analyzer, free for open source projects. Apparently the SFI license is not too dodgy for them and one fork of this repo is already using it:

Since it's from an inactive fork, it's not tracking upstream - this repo - and so can't be used to detect regressions quickly. (Cov can actually be integrated with Travis). The past fixes have hopefully already made it here.

I suggest the author be contacted and the source url changed to this repo.

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  1. Agatae Tsag

    I am the author and I think can switch the repo if there's need. I have one requirement: there must be somebody with a will to actually make and upload coverity builds. Jaka, if you're such person, just tell so.

  2. Jaka Kranjc reporter

    I am not, I was playing ja2 as a pause from "my" own engine project (gemrb).

    It does seem that the community is very fragmented here though (things have changed since dragonrider times). The bug reports and comments are my attempt at figuring out how things are standing and help out a bit — eg. @vxx is very active in porting 1.13 bits, but doesn't have commit access or get much feedback. I'd ask if there's a reason ja2s isn't set up as a group project (bitbucket limitation?), but this bug isn't about that. It was triggered by the cutscene crasher regression, which coverity would have caught.

    While travis can do the builds and coverity tests for you, I feel no motivation for working on that with the current fuzzy situation — no clear upstream or plan.

  3. JAsmine-ja2 NA

    "It does seem that the community is very fragmented"

    That is true. There is the Bear's Pit Forum aka "JA Galaxy" and that already sums it up for the english JA2 community. :) And, the (few) active people on the Bear's Pit are working exclusively on v1.13.

    Unfortunally, Gennady Trafimenkov (gennady), who started the "Stracciatella continued"-project has been inactive here for quite some time and he has (probably/maybe) abandonend this project.

    The situation here is indeed "fuzzy" and the fastest way out would be if someone took over the lead of the project.

  4. Jaka Kranjc reporter

    The last work was two months ago, so I wouldn't assume abandonment just yet. If you're all for it, we could have a chat together and get the ball rolling — I'm sure everyone is reachable by email. Just making a bitbucket "team" (=more people with commit access to the same repo) would clear things up immensely.

  5. Misanthopos

    I agree. It would be great to see progress - if just not only for committing pull requests from interested people.

  6. JAsmine-ja2 NA

    Maybe it's indeed time to gather the people here and have a chat via mail... maybe, we find a way to do this.

    Let's try and gather. Mail to:

    ja2stracciatella at gmail dot com

    I created a new issue Issue #207 for this.

  7. Stefan Lau

    Could we use some CI pipeline which will execute and upload static code analysis automatically? There is already a .travis.yml but travis-ci doesn't seem to support Bitbucket, only Github, so not sure what it is used for.

  8. Jaka Kranjc reporter

    Bitbucket's CI doesn't look free and Travis indeed doesn't support it (oops). From my experience it doesn't make that much sense to run the checkers all the time; once in a while and before releases is good enough.

    The project does have a github mirror, so that's the way to trigger travis.

  9. Agatae Tsag

    I see there's some activity on GitHub. I don't intend to register on that site, but my offer to transfer the coverity repo is still valid. I need an e-mail of the new owner in order to do this though.

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