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gkw / InputChecker

Summary: Check your input files before queuing up jobs.


The input checker is a version of GKW that simply exits after reading the input file, with reporting benefiting directly from all the checking routines built into GKW. This will catch any problems with namelist formatting or variable names, and many problems of incompatible settings that are checked in the check_params routines.

Checking your input files can avoid the problem of waiting in a queue only to find your input file was bad.


To build the input checker, do

make checker

The executable input_check------.x will also appear in the ./run directory. Note that the input checker is not available in the tarball downloads.

The executable can optionally be run over many input files using the wrapper script gkw_check_input_new.

gkw_check_input_new file1 file2 inputs


  • If an input file passes the input checker, there is no guarantee that GKW will run correctly, as many checks take place later than the initialisation stage (for example, parallel decomposition checks). The only way to be 100% sure that GKW will run is to run GKW!

  • On hosts which cross-compile for different node hardware, building a checker to run on the host may require different compiler options from the main executable, e.g.: make clean; make checker MPI=no_mpi FC=gfortran