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Action Items List

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Not all ideas and to-dos may appear in this list. Check out Issues for items that have not been transferred here yet.

Beta x Action Items

Ported from previous Betas

Item Status
Make sure launched applications are top most Second attempt, still does not cover all situations
Validate that portable activates and deactivates properly and all features work N/A
Not all add/edit forms validate their contents N/A

New Features:

Item Status Thanks To
xxx xxx xxx

Potential Future Items

Item Status
Sort the Broswers from the main screen Moved to Beta 3
Stay alive in system tray, allowing access to the configure broswers Moved to Beta 3
Add to Explorer context menu to bypass the main UI (e.g. open with FF) Moved to Beta 3
Add tabs to the Main UI, possibly superseding categories Moved to Beta 3
Add security parameters for .Net - such as need unmanaged code Beta 3

Older Item