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BrowserChooser2 / Action Items - Beta 2

Beta 2 Action Items

Ported from Beta 1

Item Status
Make sure launched applications are top most Second attempt, still does not cover all situations
Validate that portable activates and deactivates properly and all features work N/A
Not all add/edit forms validate their contents N/A
Default Programs incorrect for Windows 10 Done
Surface Pro API compatibility Done (Needs testing)

New Features:

Item Status Thanks To
Control which User Agent string is sent to web sites Done - Default to Mozilla/5.0
Allow Sorting of Auto-URLs Done, Includes Drag & Drop _pi (from CodePlex)
Allow customizing the background Partial - it looks awful _pi (from CodePlex)
Allow customizing the icon size of the grid Done and more - Added Scale and gap control as well _pi (from CodePlex)
Add setting to disable getting XML form Internet Done Myself
Choose starting position Done _pi (from CodePlex)
Add more command line options, including choosing which option screen and which browser Done _pi (from CodePlex)
Double-clicking an item in the list brings up the Edit dialog window Done J. Scott Elblein

Potential Future Items

Item Status
Sort the Broswers from the main screen Moved to Beta 3
Stay alive in system tray, allowing access to the configure broswers Moved to Beta 3
Add to Explorer context menu to bypass the main UI (e.g. open with FF) Moved to Beta 3
Add tabs to the Main UI, possibly superseding categories Moved to Beta 3
Add security parameters for .Net - such as need unmanaged code Beta 3