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BrowserChooser2 / Detected Browsers

Detected Browsers

When you first run Browser Chooser 2 or you press the Detect Browsers button in the configuration screen, BC2 will look for the browsers listed below. It will look both in Program Files and your user app data folder, where applicable.

If you know of a different browser you want to see, please open an issue along with a URL where I can download said browsers.

List of Currently Detected Browsers

Browser In Program Files In User Profile
Microsoft Browsers
Internet Explorer Yes N/A
MS Edge (As of Beta 2) Yes* N/A
Various Firefox Editions:
Firefox, Includes Beta Yes Yes
Firefox Nightly Yes Yes
Firefox Developer Edition Yes Yes
Various Chrome Editions:
Chrome, includes Beta and Dev Yes Yes
Chrome Canary Yes Yes
Various Opera Editions:
Opera Yes Yes
Opera Beta Yes Yes
Opera Dev Yes Yes
Other Browsers
Vivaldi Yes Yes