game.c Adviser enhancements

Issue #107 resolved
created an issue

2 enhancements to game.c

  • Modified the A_PPK adviser to that you are able to drop position packets by setting x and y to -1
  • A new A_KILL adviser so that you can rewrite kill packets

Attached is a diff with r1177:70425da42f70

Comments (4)

  1. Joris reporter

    Ok I added in #46 (CB_KILL_POST_NOTIFY replaced with CB_KILL; KillPoints in A_KILL; I_KILL_GREEN interface)

    As a side effect this also solves a small non critical bug in record

    ev->pts = *pts; /* FIXME: this is only accurate if this is the last callback to get called */

    I created a patch using mercurial, I used "hg ci -m bla" and "hg export tip > patch". See attachment

    This breaks security:security. Could brain compile a new one?

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