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Version 1.4.4

(originally posted by grelminar on 2007-09-07 00:43:00)

Version 1.4.4 is long overdue: it's been over a year, and there's been some very slow but steady bug fixes. I've also merged in some changes from the branches that Hyperspace and Powerball are running. This release hasn't been very well tested and could use some more polishing, but the release of Continuum 0.40 forced it to happen now.

Here's a summary of all the changes since the last version. You can find all the details on viewmtn.

  • fix bug in calling cfg.OpenConfigFile from python.
  • fix config-related deadlock by closing config files asynchronously.
  • fix bug in config file reloading.
  • added setting for initial bandwidth limit.
  • fixed bug in pwcache.
  • allow logintext packets from biller for ban messages.
  • fixed buy attaching.
  • don't send score updates to a player before he knows his own pid.
  • fix race condition that could lose score updates.
  • one attempt at fixing the slow download issue.
  • allow elvl offset to be 32 bits, to allow 24-bit tilesets.
  • fix bug in tcp biller chat message handling.
  • reduced severity of some common log messages.
  • reorganized default svs settings.
  • don't count fake players in the team counts in points_flag.
  • add functions to set energy viewing.
  • added ability to rename ?help command.
  • fixed flagcore deadlock.
  • fixed bugs in fm_normal.
  • some tweaks to network default settings.
  • auto-reconnect to mysql servers.
  • made ?setship and ?setship respect the freq manager.
  • fix ball phasing bugs.
  • limit lvz files to 15 per arena.
  • fix some crashing bugs with fake players.
  • made mapdata loading, lvl and lvz file compression, and objects loading happen in a thread pool.
  • require continuum version 0.40.

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