A General Two-Step Approach to Learning-Based Hashing

This is the implementation of the following paper. If you use this code in your research, please cite our paper

   author    = "Guosheng Lin and  Chunhua Shen and  David Suter and  Anton {van den Hengel}",
   title     = "A general two-step approach to learning-based hashing",
   booktitle = "IEEE Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV'13)",
   address   = "Sydney, Australia",
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The paper can be downlaoded at


Please use the code of FastHash ( which includes the implementation of TSH.


Several toolboxes are required for running this code. For convenience, they are included in the folder: /libs and pre-compiled in Linux. These toolboxes are as follows:

The file demo.m shows that how to use the code.

Contacts: Guosheng Lin, Chunhua Shen

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