BMI Calculator

This is a simple application that allows users to sign up and calculate their body mass index or short for BMI, given their weight and heigh, based on WHO standards.

If you are seeing this page in the github wiki please go to the bitbucket project page where it is really tracked and managed.


This application uses the usual suspects: ruby, rails and postgres. There are no specific requirements other than running a recent version of ruby, preferably one above 2.1


We are using dotenv to manage settings locally and for testing, that way we can simply reference ENV['VARIABLE'] within our code. There is an included example.env file that you can use as a base to modify it for your own settings. Use a .env.development for development and .env.test for testing.

Once you setup the env vars do the usual dance:

bundle install
rails db:drop db:create db:migrate

If you want some test data make sure you also seed the database:

rails db:seed

To create a bunch of test users and the ranges for the WHO categories.



rails test

We are using minitest with a special gem called minitest-reporters so it should ouput nicer messages.


rails server

That's it!