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rgexf / Installation

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Step 0: Getting `R`

If you don't have `R`, you should get the lastest version from

Step 1: Geting it from CRAN

Since the version 0.12.06, `rgexf` can be directly download from CRAN. Just enter:

> install.packages('rgexf', dependencies = T)

Step 2: Downloading the lastest version of `rgexf` (developers)

If you want to get the newest version of the package, get into the _Downloads_ section and download the lastest version of `rgexf` (click here).

Keep in mind where the ZIP file was downloaded.

Step 3: Install the package

Once `R` is running and before installing the library you have to be shure that XML library is installed, so

> install.packages('XML', dependencies = T)

after that, you should enter the following code:

Windows binary

> install.packages('[where the zip file is]/', repos = NULL)

UNIX/MAC source

> install.packages('[where the zip file is]/rgexf_0.12.03.tar.gz', repos = NULL)

Step 4: Check if everything is Ok

Run the following linges

> library(rgexf) # load the library, the following messages should appear
Loading required package: XML

# Running the demo
> demo(rgexf)

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