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TiDisk-Manager / FAQ

Frequently asked questions and tips & tricks

Here you will find useful tips for increasing the productivity of TI-Disk Manager and answers to frequently asked questions from users.

Insufficient Access Rights

With version 2.9.2d (and earlier) of TI-Disk Manager and macOS 10.15 (and later) there are difficulties with the security and privacy feature of macOS. The application may not have sufficient access rights to your private directories (like Documents, Downloads, Desktop, etc.). Unfortunately, the restricted access is not made visible to the user and the program is terminated with an exception.
The solution for this issue is to configure the access rights for TI-Disk Manager in the System Preferences. Open Security & Privacy here, scroll down and select Files and Folders in the left panel. Here you can adjust the access rights of TI-Disk Manager to your directories.
A more convenient solution for you would be to add TI-Disk Manager to the Full Disk Access section of Security & Privacy to allow load and save your disk images on every location, instead of granting access for every single location.
Now all your disk images should be available for the TI-Disk Manager again.
Finally you can use the new released TI-Disk Manager 2.9.2e that fixes this issue and it has undergone an adaptation to macOS Catalina.

New disc expert mode

More options when creating new disc images are available in the expert mode for the menu 'File' -> 'New' -> 'New Disc' with the option key pressed (or by pressing the keyboard shortcut option + command + n). These extra options are also available from the standard dialog box when the 'custom parameters' option is selected for the size.