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Data security and privacy statement required

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This privacy policy describes how your personal information and data is treated when you use marketplace apps, hereafter referred to as "apps" or "the app".

No data processed by the app is transmitted to a third-party server but stays in the context of the Jira Server instance where the app is installed.

No personal information is stored on the Jira Server with the exception of the following explicitly defined, justifiable events:

Jira Quick Subtasks Addon

  • When a user stores a custom user template, an entry for this template with a specific primary key is stored in the Jira Server instance's database
  • One part of this primary key references the Jira username:
    SELECT e.ID, e.ENTITY_NAME, e.ENTITY_ID, e.PROPERTY_KEY, e.propertytype, t.propertyvalue 
    FROM propertyentry e LEFT JOIN propertytext t ON e.ID=t.ID 
    WHERE PROPERTY_KEY='subtasks-user-admin';
  • A user may remove these reference by removing his user templates (howto: see Documentation)
  • An administrator may remove these references with this SQL query in the database (replace USERNAME with the username):
    FROM propertyentry e 
    WHERE e.PROPERTY_KEY='subtasks-user-USERNAME';