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In Windows Linux the app behaves differently. It is possible in all 3 variants to type 1e9 meaning 1*10^9. But for 1e-9 is the e recognised as the Euler constant e...

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  1. Rohan Chimalapati

    I had the same problem. While I’d definitely like it to be fixed, there is a workaround. The reason this happens is that the mac minus symbol is actually not the same character as the minus symbol you’d see on all other keyboards. You can even compare the two side by side and tell a difference. The mac minus symbol seems to only register as a subtraction, not a sign. That is: -12 can only be read as subtract 12 not negative 12. The scientific notation functionality sees an operator instead of a signed int, so it assumes you want the euler constant instead.

    Until the fix, I’m just using the true minus symbol as a shortcut on my keyboard.

  2. Thomas Kjeldsen

    You’re welcome. Hopefully, it will be part of an official release sometime soon. The current version 0.12 is from 2017…

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