Problems with "e-2" (x10^-2)

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Hello, I don't know what i am doing wrong or if it is a bug. But when i try to write "1.234e-3" (like in your reference page "Syntax > Scientific Notation") I don't get the right result but 0.354. It also highlight the 'e' like a variable. If i do copy and paste from your page, i get the right result. But if i substitute the "-" with the one from my keyboard, i get wrong result.

Version: 0.12 OS: Sierra (10.12.4)

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  1. Tey'

    Thanks for the report. When user input - in the editor, it is replaced by the Unicode minus sign . This does not happen when pasting expressions though.

    I can confirm the bug also happens on Windows with latest version from trunk, because the Unicode minus sign is only supported as an operator in the evaluator (but not as a number or exponent sign). I've no time to fix it right now.

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