MAC minus key doesn't work for scientific notation

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Issue #1109 new
Rohan Chimalapati created an issue

Version: 0.12

I'm not sure if this applies to anything other than macs, since I've only just discovered that macs even have this issue.

The hyphen key that macs use is actually not a true minus symbol but counts as a separate symbol entirely. It seems that most apps have accounted for the different symbol somehow since I've never had an issue with this, but when typing 1.234e-9 on speedcrunch(mac) it doesn't recognize it as 1.234*10^-9 but as (1.234*e) - 9 where e is recognized as the variable. Whereas if I copy-paste a true minus symbol from the internet or try on a windows system, it works totally fine.

I'm guessing this is because mac's hyphen causes -12 to be read as subtract 12 instead of negative 12 so the scientific notation functionality doesn’t see it as a signed integer.

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