AutoAns makes leading unary minus annoying to input

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Pol Welter created an issue

When I want a new entry to start with a -, I usually get ans-, which I don't want. Of course I can get around this by either disabling the AutoAns setting (which I like though), or by e.g. first typing a space: ␣-.

I propose we add support for reverting to a simple unary minus by hitting the minus button twice. First - is converted to ans-, but then ans-- becomes -.

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  1. gilga

    I don’t support the idea of “- -” becoming “-”. It should be “+” by mathematical logic.

    I think one better solution would be to have the “-” (i.e the hyphen) key on the keyboard (the one in the letters section interpreted as the “negative number” sign where the “-” key on the keypad (the numbers section) interpreted as the “subtraction symbol”.

  2. gilga

    Unfortunately the colon produces a syntax error in the development version so I guess it won’t work for future versions anymore?

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