[Feature request] Add a 'change sign' or 'negative number' button

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I don't want to disable the function of reusing the solution of previous line (as requested in this issue: https://bitbucket.org/heldercorreia/speedcrunch/issues/389/automatic-insertion-of-ans-variable): I think it's a very useful feature.

But it can get confusing when you want to input a negative number at the start of the line: Typing: [-] [3] will results in : 'ANS-3'. If I want to avoid this, I could disable completely the feature of re-using the last result, or use brackets: [(] [-] [3] [)], which results in lot of extra-typing.

I suggest to implement a 'change sign' or 'negative number input' button. This feature exists in lots of different scientific calculator. Even the built-in iPhone calculator has this.

https://imgur.com/2DrwZzz https://imgur.com/5La7fp6

Then in addition we could create a custom shortcut to this button if we want to use a key on our PC keyboard.

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  1. Patrick Chkoreff

    At the very least, allow me to press Esc before I type any formula, so when I type “-6*4” it does not translate that to “ans-6*4”.

    Esc is already used to clear the formula so this would make sense. I can already use it to clear the “ans-” that pops up when I type “-”, so it would be nice to use it before typing to prevent the “ans-” from popping up at all.

  2. Alister Hood

    I thought maybe it would be possible to workaround this by typing a space first, but that doesn’t help.

    However, it seems that there are other characters which Speedcrunch ignores when they are in an expression, and these do work e.g. try a colon :

  3. Alister Hood

    Note this essentially duplicates #601, where it is mentioned that typing a space first was a workaround, but as I said, that doesn’t work anymore.

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