Version 0.12 ugly display resolution on macbook pro retina screen running macOS Sierra 10.12.3

Issue #716 resolved
Basim Alamuddin created an issue

As you can see in the attached images, display and fonts are ugly on Macbook pro retina screen running macOS Sierra 10.12.3. For this version

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  1. Samuel Gaist


    Sorry, I can't test that. My machine is too old. I don't have a retina screen at disposition.

  2. Basim Alamuddin reporter

    @sgaist By the way, version 0.11 displays well on retina but 0.12 doesn't. Is that related to change in build target?

  3. Samuel Gaist

    I doubt that, rather the change of Qt version used to build the application.

    @heldercorreia can you tell me which version of Qt was used to build 0.11 ?

  4. Samuel Gaist

    Thanks for the reminder !

    Since you have a retina machine, can you check whether modifying the Info.plist files makes it work properly on your machine ?

  5. Basim Alamuddin reporter

    @sgaist Restarting mac (i don't know why) did apply the Info.plist changes and the application resolution now fixed.

  6. Samuel Gaist

    @basim_alamuddin I'd say system caching of Info.plist data.

    @heldercorreia It's on my todo list of the week. By the way, are you planning a new release in the near future with that included ?

  7. Helder Correia repo owner

    @sgaist "Near future" is such a broad term in open source projects with so few resources :) I'm planning 1.0 ASAP, whatever that means, with this change surely included.

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