multiple issues with Info.plist on macOS

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Issue #978 resolved
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there are multiple issues with your Info.plist file that severely damage the integration into macOS: • your CFBundleName entry is present but set to an empty string, which causes the app to show up without name at all in QuickLook

• you have no CFBundleIdentifier. every macOS app must have one. (native cocoa)preferences and caching won't work without one. you had one previously ("org.speedcrunch") maybe this got lost due to a bug

• version information is partly missing and partly damaged. CFBundleShortVersionString is set to 'master' and 'CFBundleVersion' is empty. both should be set to 0.12

• CFBundleLongVersionString has been deprecated for nearly 2 decades now. it should be removed. also CFBundleGetInfoString has been deprecated for more than 1 decade and should be removed.

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  1. Samuel Gaist

    Cleaning the file won’t hurt. In any case, the part concerning the preferences should indeed be fixed.

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