Glue on fill not necessary if take just has different start offset

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Issue #187 resolved
Benjamin Klum repo owner created an issue

If we manage to restore the original take offset when starting to play instead of taking offset 0, glue is not necessary.

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  1. Benjamin Klum reporter

    Multiple improvements and fixes:

    • re #187 Memorize original take offset and use that as initial offset for every play operation instead of zero
    • fix #186 Fix behavior of continue and gate offset modes with playrates != 1

    → <<cset 88b33f34fdfb>>

  2. Benjamin Klum reporter

    With the implementation of #3, the take start offset now serves as anacrusis! So a glue is necessary again if you don't want anacrusis. But it makes sense. Out-of-measue loop borders would probably confuse people.

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