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I've attempted to install Playtime but after several attempts, it does not show up in any VST folder, does not exist on my system. The Track Template file does install properly however, which seems odd. I wonder if it's because my system drive is labeled "Mavericks" not the default "Macintosh HD"...

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  1. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    I just also experienced odd behavior of the installer. It installed Playtime in the system-wide folders instead of the user folders. Will look into it.

  2. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Note to self:

    Playtime itself now is able to read data (controllers, user guide) from portable REAPER folder, user home ApplicationSupport folder and system ApplicationSupport folder. It is also able to read/write settings.ini (preferences, license) from/to portable REAPER folder and user home ApplicationSupport folder. So no matter where the installer puts stuff, Playtime should be able to find it.

    The remaining issues to solve:

    1. If the installer installs Playtime system-wide, the REAPER templates are also installed system-wide. REAPER won't be able to find them because it looks only in the user home ApplicationSupport folder.
    2. If the installer installs Playtime per user and the REAPER installation for some reasons doesn't have the user home ApplicationSupport VST folder on its VST search path, it won't find Playtime.
    3. The installer is buggy because without any customization step by the user it sometimes installs system-wide and sometimes per user.
  3. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Solution ideas:

    1. Let Playtime itself make sure the templates are at the rigt place whenever it's started. Can be done already on first scanning, then the templates will be immediately available after installation.
    2. Make the installer not allow per-user installations (but what about existing per-user installation?)
    3. Solved by 2
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