Adding envelope for trigger-like parameters can result in crazy behavior

Issue #211 resolved
Benjamin Klum
repo owner created an issue

For example for "Record slot". If the envelope is >0.5 that would trigger recording continuously. There should be a protection against such continuous triggering.

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  1. Benjamin Klum reporter

    re #211 Protect parameter "Record selected slot" against flooding by just reacting to value changes, also start not to notify host anymore of parameter changes generated by Playtime itself (for now at least, could become interesting again if MIDI feedback is supported in future)

    → <<cset b001796b9010>>

  2. Benjamin Klum reporter
    • changed status to open

    Implementation is too restrictive. Currently, repeated triggering only works if the parameter is changed to 1, then back to 0 and then back to 1. That makes sense for envelopes but not for remote controlling. Momentary switches that never send a 0 but only a 1 won't work anymore then.

  3. Benjamin Klum reporter

    re #211 Protect trigger parameter against flooding only if it has an active envelope. That means if there's an active envelope, only value changes are accepted for (un)triggering in order to prevent continuous (un)triggering. If there's no active envelope (remote controlling use case), every value is accepted.

    → <<cset dc13aa537c82>>

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