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Moving from Ableton to using playtime in reaper I have found I cannot scroll down the cells/scenes with the apc40 to access scene cells below the initial 5 scenes. Using realearn has been excellent for mapping faders and knobs but I'm not sure how to build and access large numbers of scenes using the apc40. Is it better just to move to a different controller that is favoured?

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  1. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Hi, which buttons on the APC40 do you use in Ableton to scroll? If those buttons also send MIDI messages like the normal APC40 pads, then it's going to be very easy to enable scrolling (for Launchpad scrolling is already supported).

    I don't own an APC40 so I can't check myself. If you want, you can help me with this feature by sending me the output of ReaControlMIDI log when you press the 4 scroll buttons in this order: (scroll scene down, scroll scene up, scroll group left, scroll group right). You can either add it to this ticket or send it to info@helgoboss.org.

  2. JamesTwentyman

    Hi Ben, I will look to see if I can get you the data you require however i believe the configuration is a little more complex than just scrolling - but I could be wrong. When the APC40 connects to Ableton a red rectangle appears around the launchpad focused grid of 8 launch buttons across by 5 scenes down - its the actively available area of the launchpad as view from the APC40. The 4 bank select buttons on the APC-40 are mapped to scroll this launchpad focus grid up down left and right. Yes playtime scrolls and yes the buttons can be mapped to scroll but the focused region does not scroll accordingly.

    On startup scenes 1 to 5 are available, columns 1 to 8. Lets add scene 6 in playtime. On the APC40 select the bank select down button once and the active region of 8 by 5 needs to shift down one scene. Scene one is now unavailable - but scenes 2 to 6 are now mapped (columns 1 to 8) and can be launched. Add/map a new instrument to column 9. On the APC40 bank select right 1 click and the active region is now rows 2 to 9 scenes 2 to 6. The new instrument samples on column 9, scenes 2 to 6 are available to be launched.

    Hence the bank select buttons control the focus grid allowing that mapped area of the launchpad to be triggered by the control surface. The focus grid is always constant, using the bank select buttons it can be moved across the surface of the launchpad to make active different regions.

    Love your work James

  3. JamesTwentyman

    Here is the contents of the Reacontrolmidi log..

    APC40 bank select down 0: 90 5F 7F [Note On] chan 1 note 95 vel 127 1: 80 5F 7F [Note Off] chan 1 note 95 offvel 127

    APC40 bank select up 0: 90 5E 7F [Note On] chan 1 note 94 vel 127 1: 80 5E 7F [Note Off] chan 1 note 94 offvel 127

    APC40 bank select left 0: 90 61 7F [Note On] chan 1 note 97 vel 127 1: 80 61 7F [Note Off] chan 1 note 97 offvel 127

    APC40 bank select right 0: 90 60 7F [Note On] chan 1 note 96 vel 127 1: 80 60 7F [Note Off] chan 1 note 96 offvel 127

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