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Issue #245 resolved
Mathilde Hoffmann created an issue

Hey there,

my controller has 4x4 knobs and I wanted to trigger all the samples in playtime with the knobs on my controller. The problem is: I want to have four samples in a group and assigning the "Stop group" control wastes a knob I could use to trigger my fourth sample. If I could just toggle "play item" and "stop item" with the same knob I would be able to use all four knobs in one row of my controller. Maybe there is a way to make the part where the play and record icon is more customizable?


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  1. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Hi Mathilde, is disabling exclusive mode an option for you? This is one way to toggle play and stop with one button.

  2. Mathilde Hoffmann reporter

    Hey Benjamin,

    thank you for your reply! It is an option indeed that I didn't know of. That's cool! The most ideal case for me would still be that triggering another item in the same group would stop the playback of the latest playing item of that group but your suggestion still helps a bunch.

  3. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    There's one other possibility: You can leave exclusive mode enabled and set "Trigger action" to "Record/play -> Stop/retrigger". Be aware: In this case, pressing the button of an empty slot records the slot instead of stopping the group. Which means that there would be absolutely no way to stop a clip on controllers without a dedicated stop button. That's why a special logic was introduced in this particular case: Each button toggles play and stop.

  4. Mathilde Hoffmann reporter

    That works for me! Thanks a lot for your help.

    A small strange thing occurred though: After setting up playtime as you suggested it worked fine everywhere besides group 1 - all the samples there would randomly either retrigger after pressing the button on my controller or just ignore the CC message completely. So I moved all of my samples one column to the right, now occupying group 2 - 5 and everything works great! Maybe it's just my Reaper doing strange things....

  5. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    If it's not too much effort, it would be great if you could send me the RPP file (just the RPP file, nothing else) to Then I can investigate the issue with group 1.

  6. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    For protocol: The issue was that group 1 had a MIDI assignment - which lets Playtime think that you have a dedicated stop button for that group and want to use it, which in turn lets Playtime think that you don't need to use the slot buttons for stopping ... and therefore enables retriggering. I'm considering to make this more easy in future by offering an option to disable retriggering (#249).

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