Intallation problem (Mac OS 10.13.3)

Issue #314 resolved
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Hi, can you advise how I can install Playtime on a Mac (OS 10.13.3). I downloaded the installer, but keep getting told I can't install in 'this location' (For me only). Unfortunately I don't have any choices of alternative locations, so what next....

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  1. joesh60

    Quick remark - I forgot to login to leave the issue report (concerning installation problems on OS 10.13). I'm not sure if this will show up in the comments, but just to say I'm following the discussion for a follow up - Joesh.

  2. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Hi Josh. Oh no, I thought I have fixed those OS X installation issues. It's unbelievable how buggy is this OS X installer technology. Could you just try again and see if this "For me only" step is skipped? It should be skipped and you should be asked to enter the administrator password.

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