Reaper crash after a few minutes of use

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The plugin crashes Reaper after 1-15 minutes of use. I use Reaper x64. The crash occurs at random moments immediately after pressing the play button on one of the slots. I tried to isolate some exact sequence of actions that caused it to crash, but failed, so I have attached a video recording of the crash (just clicking some slots until the crash occurs). It seems that having the MIDI editor open causes it to crash faster, but this may be only an impression. Reaper version is the latest one, I have also updated SWS extensions to the fresh new version though it did not help. The crash did not depend on the VSTi's used in any way. I can provide any additional information if needed (configuration file, system information etc.). If need I could also attach a debugger and give you a meaningful memory dump. Would be nice if you could look into it, it's the only thing preventing me from buying it right now.

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  1. Vladimir Chorošajev

    A little update: Found the easiest sequence of steps to reproduce the crash. Works every time. 1) Load some clip into a slot. 2) Double click the slot to open the MIDI editor. (In the video I doubleclicked the slot and opened the MIDI editor just before the crash). 3) Press play on the slot 4) Press play on the same slot again. It crashes immediately after the countdown. Does not crash if I stop the playback of the clip and wait a few bars before pressing play again.

    In case it's relevant: REAPER extensions I'm running: SWS Extensions, ReaMenus, RADO theme

  2. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Hi Vladimir, thanks for the detailled crash report. You gave me exactly the info I need. Just could reproduce it. I will post another comment here as soon as this is fixed.

  3. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Fix #71 Crash when retriggering slot while MIDI editor for that item is open

    Solution: We don't remove left-over items anymore immediately after retriggering so the MIDI editor can still stay open. However, on the next stop, we remove them. But before that, we open the latest MIDI item of the slot in the editor to make it a seamless experience. Possibly open other MIDI editors with deleted clips are closed automatically.

    → <<cset 1454e4791a21>>

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