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• Using images of famous people Research has shown that pages that use famous people's pictures in their posts usually get 38% more likes. This will cause your posts to be seen through Explorer, which will eventually increase your page followers. • Use of hashtags In posts in which at least one hashtag is used, it engages 12% more users on average. . Posting contests By posting contest posts, you can get a lot of comments and increase the likes and comments of the page naturally instead of buying comments (خرید کامنت). • Use of emoji More than 50% of captions and comments have emojis. Emojis help make posts more beautiful, so it's better to use more emojis in your Instagram posts. • Videos Do not neglect the high impact of videos in Instagram posts. You can first use buy Instagram views (خرید ویو اینستاگرام) to increase views and gradually increase followers by producing attractive content. • Continuous activity Publish your post consistently and at high traffic times, this will cause • Use Live Do not neglect Instagram Lives to interact with users as much as possible. At first, you can increase the number of followers of your page by buying real followers (خرید فالوور واقعی) and then maintain these followers by interacting with users as much as possible. • Use the Instagram bot You can activate your account in the Instagram bot and it will automatically perform actions like liking photos, following certain people, direct sending to people on Instagram instead of you. Also, you can plan carefully so that your robot does exactly what you want. For example, liking photos with specific hashtags (لایک اینستاگرام ارزان), following the followers of a specific page, etc.

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