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This is the home page for sunriise project whose goal is to provide a set of tools to read/extract data from msmoney file.

Available tools

sunriise-export CSV

Value propositions

  • You can export all your accounts, transactions data in one pass (vs. per account to QIF available in msmoney)
  • You can export all your data into a neutral, open format that can be further processed by other tools such as Excel.
  • You can you use this process as an alternate backup method (again to a format that has no dependency on msmoney)
  • The export transaction data preserve transfer linkage, splits, investment data, download OFX transaction id

To export msmoney data into CSV format, see this page. Example output for transactions

"2771","2006/01/30","","-4300.00","","Transfer from Charlie & May’s Joint Investment","","-1","","0","","-1","73","Charlie & May’s Joint Inv (Cash)","false","false","false","false","true","72","2770","false","ACTIVITY_UNKNOWN","","","","","","false","Non-recurring","-1","",""