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dist-sunriise / msmoney_file_disk_usage

msmoney file disk usage

Tools to show disk usage for *.mny file


You will need Java installed. You can download from


Download from Downloads link. Look for latest version of

To install and run

$ unzip 

$ cd sunriise-diskusage-0.0.2-SNAPSHOT/

$ java -jar sunriise-diskusage-0.0.2-SNAPSHOT-exec.jar

# Or just double-click on the jar file
To open your *.mny file, just drag-and-drop your *.mny onto the main window.



  • Table: table name
  • Bytes: number of bytes used by the table
  • Rows: number of rows (entries) in the table
  • Columns: number of columns (attributes) in the table

You can double-click on the column name to sort the column. You can use keyboard shortcut

  • control-a: to select all the rows
  • control-c: to copy
  • control-v: to paste

into Excel on CSV file for further manipulation.

Common tables with large disk usage

  • TRN: list of transactions
  • PAY: list of payees
  • SP: security prices (stock prices)
  • LOT: security lot information
  • CAT: list of categories
  • TRN_SPLIT: split information for transaction