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This mod provides an automated and on demand backup of the Minecraft server using git.

It has been tested and works with Minecraft 1.6.2 and Minecraft 1.6.4
It was built using Minecraft forge version


  • Minecraft
  • Minecraft forge
  • Git

Minecraft forge
Git for Windows
Git for MacOS
Git for Linux

Please ensure that git is in your PATH environment variable.


To install this mod simply put the .jar file in your mods folder.

You will also need to initialize a new git repository in your server's main folder. (The folder that contains the Minecraft forge .jar)

You can use the following command while the server is running

/sgb init


To use the mod while the game is running, simply type the command

/sgb autobackup on

It will then create an initial backup at time of command then repeats every hour.

To revert to an old backup stop the server and use git to revert to a backup at a previous time.


/sgb init

Initializes a git repository. Run only once!

/sgb backup

Makes a backup on demand.

/sgb autobackup on

Turns auto-backup on and makes an initial backup at time of command then repeats every hour.

/sgb autobackp off

Turns off auto-backup