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mangala garden villa site architecture is designed in Japan, located on the coast with the ground water Non "Nghinh shui, is Son" before the East Coast, after the Five Mountains. More particularly Mangala Garden endless inspiration from "Maha Mangala Sutta's - The Beijing University Beatitudes" gives visitors a new experience, a peaceful vacation and romantic. It was amazing experience from space, sound, taste to the notion of goodness in Buddhism.

The Life of Mangala helps you to take care of your body and mind. Other than training in awareness of your surroundings, the property uses ‘real food’ to bring body and mind together in harmony. You can also participate in special daily programs that will enhance the Mangala Feeling. On offer are meditation trainings, breathing exercises, martial arts, or just the silence and peace that surrounds you.

In the space of the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, to begin your experience at the Mangala Peaceful Monastery, you can relish the joy of the sunrise above the ocean. You will savor the harmonious breeze, teeming with natural Chi, enjoy Tai Chi and breathing exercises, meditation, jogging on the sands and immersing yourself in the blue waves of the Non Nuoc shore.

With an outdoor pool and restaurant, Mangala Garden is located in the coastal city of Da Nang. Located right on the beach, it features a private beach area for guests to use. Danang is the perfect place for activities such as swimming, water sports and hiking.

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