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thien thanh boutique hotel, located in the area of ​​Hoi An, Hoi An is famous for selection tourists. Located in located just 0.5 km from the city center, customers will get good accommodation to enjoy the interesting and popular activity here. Visitors to the hotel can take pleasure around to watch the top attractions of the city including the Cao Dai Temple, Temple regimen County, Cam Pho Temple.

Tour desk organizes activities like walking tours around the city of Hoi An, tour boat and excursions to the My Son Holy Land. For a relaxing day indoors, Hotel Thien Thanh provides massage services. Guests can enjoy dinner by candlelight and beautiful scenery in the restaurant's courtyard. The restaurant serves Western and Asian food as well as local specialties. Catering services are also offered at the hotel.

Cao Lau is a variation of pho which is normally served dry and uniquely prepared by Hoi An people. The ingredients are sweet-smelling rice, bean sprout, groundnut, lean meat of pork leg and pork chest, pork fat, ash water, banh trang (or banh da - rice paper), and herbs of different kinds. The noodles in Cao Lau is similar to those of pho but, the color is yellow and the flavour of rice is more marked. The kind of rice to make Cao Lau must not be too old or too newly-harvested so that the noodles will not be too dry or too brittle, but soft and a little bit leathery.

Staying at Thien Thanh Boutique Hotel, We guaranteed a good night sleep in our luxurior and comfortable rooms. From the back balconies you can watch farmers cultivating in the rice field and cows grazing leisurely early in the morning. From the front balconies you can watch villagers carrying vegetables and other goods to Hoi An market.

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