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JIRA Project Role Tab


This plugin adds an additional tab to the project dashboard showing the project roles and currently assigned users and groups to this role for this project. This tab gives the project members the possibility to look, who has which role in the project. (This is normally only possible for the project admin in the administration section of the project.) This is useful, if you use project roles in your permission schemes or workflows.


You get a list of project roles with the assigned user to this project role for the corresponding project. If a group is assigned to a project role, the group is expanded so that you see the user names and not the group name. This is useful, because a normal JIRA user cannot see, who is member of a group (see JRA-11009).

Only project roles are shown, which are used in the permission scheme assigned to the project. This is useful if you have different permission schemes with different project roles e.g. one for classic change management (Change Requester, Application Manager, Release Manager etc.) and one for agile development (Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Master). Therefor not the entire list of project roles of your Jira instance is shown in Project Role Tab, but only those from the corresponding permission scheme of the project.



Only users with Browse Users permission from global permissions get access to the tab to show the project role assignments. In JIRA you can limit which users have access to the full user list e.g. in autocomplete user-picker etc. by using Browse Users permission in global permissions. This permission is now used also to check if JIRA Project Role Tab is visible resp. accessable for the user.

The user names are linked with their profiles. The description of a project role is available as a tooltip on the project role name.

The list of users of a project role is ordered by full name. In case you have a large number of users associated with a project role, only the first 50 are shown by default with the option to expand the list to show all users associated with this project role ("and 5 more").


Please use the Plugin Manager to install Jira Project Role Tab as described in the Jira administration guide.