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Version Manager for Jira

Ability to manage versions without need for administer project permission

Introduces a new project permission "Manage Versions" and user interface to allow users or project roles assigned to that permission to manage versions (create, edit, order, delete, release and archive) independent from administer project permission



Please install Version Manager for Jira add-on via plugin manager and configure your license key resp. trial license, which you can get from Atlassian Marketplace.


To enable users to use the new functionality, open a Permission Scheme by clicking its name. You will find a new project permission called "Manage Versions". Add users, groups or project roles to the new permission "Manage Versions" as needed.

In a typical situation you would create a new Project Role e.g. Release Manager or Version Manager and assign this project role to "Manage Versions" permission. Project administrators can then assign users or groups to this project role specifically for corresponding project.

Users with "Manage Versions" permission will see an additional item in the project sidebar. This new item provides a user interface to created, edit, order, delete, release and archive versions for this project.

The versions created via this user interface are the same as created via regular Project Configuration and available for fix version and affected version field and elsewhere in Jira.

Known Limitations

Versions cannot be unarchived or merged via Version Manager for Jira. These features are currently only possible for project administrators via regular Project Configuration.

Create and release version from Kanban or Scrum board in Jira Software is not supported by this plugin. You need Administer Project permission for the respective projects on the board.

Feel free to create feature requests or leave comments or votes in the issue tracker.


Beside the user interface the plugin also provide a REST API to manage versions, which offer additional features compared to standard Jira. For details please have a look at here

Issues and Feature Requests

Please report bugs or feature requests in the issue tracker.