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MariaDB CommandBox Commands Documentation

The project provides custom commands (namespace mariadb) to control a mariadb processing running within a JVM (in a Lucee server).


  1. Open a terminal
  2. start CommandBox, e.g 'box'
  3. run 'install mariadb-commandbox-commands' ( entry)


Within CommandBox do the following to setup a new MariaDB Server.

  1. go to an empty folder or create one that will be used for CFMariaDB
  2. run 'mariadb init' (this downloads CFMariaDB and related dependencies)
  3. run 'mariadb start' (starts a Lucee Server and initializes the CFMariaDB Application and DB Server Process)
  4. run 'mariadb status' to see the current status
  5. run 'mariadb stop' to stop the server

Use the CommandBox help option to see available arguments, e.g. 'mariadb init help'.

Have a look at CFMariaDB for some more details.