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IKBClassBrowser / Goal

This page describes the overall goal for ClassBrowser.

Actually, no. Chapters 1-2 of Squeak by Example describe the goal. Leaving the morphic UI aside, ClassBrowser should become an immediate development environment for Objective-C in the same way that Squeak is an immediate development environment for Squeak. Specifically:

  • Developers can inspect and change objects in the system
  • Developers can run any code they type in
  • Developers can create test classes and tests, and run them in the system
  • Developers can create production classes and run them in the system
  • Wherever code was defined within ClassBrowser, developers can see and edit their source and see the results of the changes
  • Code created with ClassBrowser can be filed out to standard .h/.m files for use in Xcode or elsewhere.

That also tells us what ClassBrowser is not:

  • it is not a tool or framework for embedding in another app. In other words, it is not F-Script.
  • it is not very good yet
  • it is not complete yet.

Finally, once a simple core is complete that lets developers write Objective-C in ClassBrowser and have it dynamically compiled and run, all of ClassBrowser but that core will be written in ClassBrowser.

Help with any of the above is welcome; pick an open issue or unfulfilled goal, write tests, make them pass, and send a pull request :-).