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limeds-framework / FAQ

How stable is LimeDS? Can we use it for enterprise applications?

LimeDS originated in collaborative research projects between IBCN and various industrial partners. Prior to the first release, alpha-versions of LimeDS have been operational for live demonstrations and integrated proof-of-concepts for over a year. Future improvements will of course still be required, but we are committed to delivering robust and scalable software that should support all kinds of enterprise applications & services.

We need to build a system that is exposed on the Web as a public service. Is LimeDS secure?

LimeDS can be made secure by implementing the HttpAuthProvider hook. This implies security is the responsibility of the users, but example implementations (including a token-based configurable auth provider) are available as downloadable modules.

We're providing a REST API to external developers, does LimeDS support API versioning?

API versioning is suppported out-of-the-box, see our Guide to Versioning for more information.

You've mentioned the reusable nature of LimeDS components and the importance of a strong community, but how can we actually share Data Flows or Functions?

LimeDS has built-in support for installing new modules (and all its transitive dependencies) automatically based around the OSGi R5 repository specification, meaning everything is in place to enable some App Store like concept for LimeDS modules. In the future, we would like to host an easy to use platform to share modules, but for now users can resolve to setting up R5 repositories themselves.

Why use a custom (iMinds) license? Will LimeDS become available for commercial use? If so, when?

LimeDS has its roots in an academic research context and we're currently investigating how the framework should be exposed to the world. The iMinds license allows interested parties to freely experiment with the LimeDS framework, allowing them to evaluate the frameworks future potential. A free-to-use licensing model will be available within a reasonable time frame as it is within our best interest that companies start using this software.