PFD error when executing FPLN

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Jason Fearing
created an issue

The error message pop-ups after immediately after executing the FPLN from the FMS, entering just a departure, arrival and a single VIA waypoint. When I click the execute button the PFD (which is set to FMS) goes blank and that error message appears.


Clean install of aircraft with 2.1.1.a scripts added

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  1. ILIAS TSELIOS repo owner
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    The error is because the code is trying to get the next waypoint's flight plan altitude, while there are some wpts in the memory (fmc_wpt_data table), but the curr_wpt does not exists yet (requires a minimum departure entry).

  2. ILIAS TSELIOS repo owner

    Checking for the existence of the "curr_wpt"

    if curr_wpt ~= 0 then

    instead of the number entries of the temp flight plan

    if #fmc_wpt_data >= 2 then

    fixes the issue.

  3. Jason Fearing reporter

    Confirmed resolved. Or rather, no error. Steps performed:

    • Power on aircraft (battery)
    • Complete engine startup procedure
    • Both generators on
    • Avionics on (wait for boot)
    • Toggle PFD navigation mode to FMS
    • Open FMS
    • Input departure ICAO, arrival ICAO and an intermediate fix/waypoint then click EXEC

    No error(s)

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