Request Teleport Not Working in OpenSimulator Grids

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Lisa Laxton created an issue

Applications Affected: All third party viewers used to access Open Simulator grids.

Summary Description: Request Teleport Not Working in OpenSimulator Grids - Tested Request Teleport function with multiple grids, multiple users, and multiple viewers. Per Cinder, OpenSimulator does not support this function. This issue is not unique to the SceneGate Viewer.

Initiated By: Shelenn.Ayres

Requested Completion Date: When feasible per viewer and server roadmaps. Propose either adding capability in OpenSimulator code under Project Helios or removing this option from the SceneGate viewer UI.

Test Conducted: While two users are in communication with each other, verify request teleport sent but not received.

Analysis: Closed Beta Test Group collectively states this is not known to have ever worked in OpenSimulator grids. Typical workaround is to request landmark or teleport via IM instead. (Offer Teleport function works fine.)

Investigator(s): Shelenn.Ayres , Shelenn.Ayres

Attached Documents: N/A (Roadmap assessments TBD)

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  1. Lisa Laxton reporter

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  2. Seth Nygard

    Let’s all try to keep comments on subject. I know this issue tracker (like pretty much all of them) has its quirks and is not ideal or just what we want or expect. It is however what we have for now.

    I don’t believe in deleting comments so we all need to keep the threads as clean and on topic as possible. Even this comment is off topic but necessary I feel.

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