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Request a Feature

Before creating an issue, please follow these steps to be sure it does not already exist as a known issue:

  • Check the status of the grid where you are experiencing an issue.
  • Contact support on your home grid or the grid where you are experiencing an issue.
  • Search Release Notes and Roadmap for planned work.
  • Search the Issue Tracker for similar known issues.
  • Search available Knowledge Bases for similar known issues.

If your issue is unique, follow the procedure below to create an issue:

1) Download the White Paper template from the Downloads section of this repository.

2) Determine if the issue will impact software architecture or existing roadmaps, or if this is a minor change with no project impacts. Write and gather all supporting documentation to be attached.

3) Click create issue then enter a title.

4) Copy, paste, then fill in the following sections of information. Use N/A where not applicable.

Applications Affected: <This may include viewer, web, device, or server software.>

Summary Description: <Expand on the issue title explaining the issue in more detail.>

Initiated By: <Enter your full hypergrid avatar name in the following format: first.last @domain:port for follow up.>

Requested Completion Date: <If possible, enter the date when the enhancement or feature issue is needed.>

Test Conducted: <Enter a description of test conducted if any.>

Analysis: <Enter a summary of related analysis, research, or feedback.>

Investigator(s): <Enter the full hypergrid avatar names of investigators in the following format: first.last @domain:port for follow up.>

Attached Documents: <List filenames or URLs for supporting information here. All enhancement or feature issues impacting software architecture or existing roadmaps require a White Paper (WP) submission using the White Paper template available in the Downloads section of this repository. The team will evaluate the case made in the White Paper where feasible then respond to the initiator.>

5) Select assignee (For Team Members Only)

6) Select Kind: enhancement or proposal

7) Select Priority: trivial, minor, major, critical, blocker

8) Attach supporting documents using select files.

9) Click the Create Issue button.