Game spams "Track 0" a lot, causes repeated unnecessary requests to the MSU-1.

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Issue #14 resolved
Dylan Morrison repo owner created an issue

FF6 has a tendency to spam requests for "track 0" a lot, sometimes repeatedly in a row. Since this is silence, we don't handle it, and it doesn't cause any particular bug to not do so because we don't have a track for it, but it does cause a lot of unnecessary requests to the MSU-1, which may I suppose cause some unnecessary storage wear (from repeated directory lookups) etc.

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  1. Dylan Morrison reporter

    Potential fix committed to ff7bf70, specifically looks for Track 0 requests and tells the MSU to mute and the SPC to handle them.

  2. Dylan Morrison reporter

    Marking this one as resolved provisionally as I haven't noticed any issues with the fix running through it with a debugger.

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