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This is a port of rockbox for iBasso DX50

Current version (for firmware 1.5.0)

  • get here
  • CWM-based installer (thanks to DOC2008 and


  1. you have to install CWM recovery: get standard 1.5.0 firmware with CWM recovery here -> install update.img as usual.
  2. reboot into CWM recovery (power on holding vol+) and install rockbox zip from internal or external SD
  3. reboot and enjoy

How to switch rockbox<->original player

turn off player, turn on, choose mango or rockbox via touchscreen or prev/next buttons, wait for boot

Known issues

  • rockbox will not start when USB connected to a PC (because of storages mounted to PC)
  • you have to restart player manually after connecting it to PC (in rockbox mode)

Advanced: how to build & install via adb

  • git clone, mkdir build, cd build
  • ../tools/configure -> 201 (android), 320, 240, normal
  • make -j all apk
  • unzip -o
  • adb shell mount -o remount,rw /system
  • adb push .rockbox /system/rockbox/app_rockbox/rockbox/
  • adb push libs/armeabi /system/rockbox/lib


Technical details

  1. /system/bin/MangoPlayer replaced with a custom launcher
  2. using different versions of vold for rockbox and mango
  3. lineout and spdif state can be detected, but headphones - no

Launcher sources