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VuzeClient Torrent Monitor

IMPORTANT: VuzeClient is now Torrid - v1.11.1 of VuzeClient is the final release.

The lightweight multi-server, multi-client, multi-tracker Remote Torrent Client

VuzeClient developed by The Drunken Bakery is a multi-server, multi-client, multi-tracker Remote Torrent Client which allows any number of installed torrent engines to be monitored.

Get it here ---> VuzeClient Download (v1.11.1 uploaded 1st May, 2014)


  • Support BitSnoop as a search engine.
  • Full support for Deluge client.
  • Immunicity compliant.
  • VuzeClient now has built-in TV season searching which will automatically locate the strongest torrent for each show within a season allowing for ultra-fast search and delivery.
  • A built-in Facebook client means that VuzeClient will post to your timeline when a download is complete; obviously we recommend that you configure FB security so that only you can see this - but that's your decision.

What does it do?

So you're out and want to check how the torrent downloads you started at home in uTorrent are doing. Fire up VuzeClient and instantly get a real-time view of your queue. You can start, stop & delete torrents from the queue at your convenience. You can even add new torrents to the queue using a built-in search engine which utilises the very best trackers on the web. All of this in a small, portable application which leaves no traces on your system and is suitable for use straight from a USB drive.


VuzeClient allows as many clients as you have installed in as many remote locations as you wish to be configured. Simply install these clients, configure their remote interface and allow the traffic through any relevant firewalls.


Uniquely, VuzeClient is designed to support the four main torrent clients used by most people.

Should there be a demand for other clients then these can be easily added to the main engine.


The last thing you want to do when out and about is to start loading up torrent search sites when all you want is a quick, incisive link to a known Linux distro, or other legitimately distributable torrent.

VuzeClient has a convenient built-in search engine which uses best-of-breed trackers to locate torrents quickly and start them downloading with a simple double-click.

Currently supported sites:

  • Kick Ass Torrents
  • Fenopy
  • YTS (formerly YIFY)
  • BitSnoop

Further search engines will be added as deemed appropriate.


Add Client

Add Client

Add a new client site.

Main Screen

Main Screen

The main screen showing the addition of a new local instance of Transmission.

Choose Search Engine

Choose Search Engine

Select one of the installed Search Engines.

Search Term

Search Term

Input a Search Term and hit Search / Return.

Choose Result

Double-Click a result

Double-click a result to send the file to the current client.

Monitor Torrents

Torrent downloading

The chosen file immediately starts downloading on your remote client.

Control Torrents

Stop a torrent

Right-click torrents to Control them remotely.

Status Icons

Stopped torrent

Icons instantly show the state of torrents.

Site Statistics

Status bar

The Status Bar shows real-time statistics of the remote client.

Add Torrent Manually

Add Torrent

Use the menu to manually add a Torrent.

Paste URL from Tracker

Paste URL

URL will auto-paste from Clipboard.

Other Features

  • Facebook Integration (post on your wall when a download completes)
  • Tiny footprint
  • Distributed as a single file
  • Only dependency is .NET
  • Suitable for portable use, e.g. USB drive
  • Saves & Loads config from a simple XML file
  • Fast with minimum key-strokes to get from search to download
  • Free for all


VuzeClient is a work in progress and will evolve dynamically. The latest version can always be found at this site.


Send suggestions and bugs to me at