Itom1DQwtPlot: pickers (min/max) out of view

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Issue #13 resolved
M. Gronle created an issue

If the x-range of a Itom1DQwtPlot covers not the whole data, min/max pickers may not be displayed as they are applied to the global data, rather than the zoomed view.

I suppose that this behavior is unintended by the user in most cases.

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  1. M. Gronle reporter

    I started fixing this. I will create two options in the toolbar, one for picking the absolute and global min/max-values and one for choosing these values within the currently visible view. However, in the latter case, what should happen, if the view does not only limit the x-axis but also the y-axis? Should the search for the absolute min/max-values only be limited to the current x-axis-range or also to the y-axis-range?

  2. M. Gronle reporter

    BTW: In the new version, the user can also select the curve, to which the calculation should be referred to. This selection box only appears if more than one curve is visible, else the calculation is done with respect to the only visible curve.

  3. Tobias Boettcher

    Current x-/y-axis-ranges are probably set on purpose. In my opinion, a consistent behavior for both axes (i.e. local min/max only applied to current view) would be most transparent. So the local max picker would be set to the pixel nearest to the y-axis-limit of the current view (actual pixel value, not limit), or to the first occurrence of this value (negative x-axis: left to right?), respectively?

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